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A Koan and a Question

The Monk Mayo asked this question of the Sixth patriarch: "What is Zen?"
The Patriarch replied: "when your mind is not dwelling on the dualism of good and evil, what is your original face before you were born?"

What does this mean to you?
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Zen is a place within oneself that can be achieved through meditation and discipline - where the conscious mind and its concerns are stilled and allowed to observe the truth of our spiritual godhood within. Here there can be no judgment, no petty hatreds or sorrows. In that place there is only the Light of the Spirit, the truth that all things are one - the Great Dreamer dreams everything from the grass to the stars above, and us, too.

The super 'consciousness' we refer to as Divine knows everything - because It lives and suffers everything - every day. When we give up our personalities temporarily and just flow into that Source that resides within, a million suns glow. Birth and death are nothing but entrance and exit gates that revolve around matter and energy. And then you just ARE, as you have always BEEN, and as you are right NOW - when you can pull the focus of your essence out of the grand conundrum to pause for a while and just understand through the reflection of being. And through this comes an understanding of everything without struggling to compartmentalize it or use it. It just is. Just as it always was and shall be again.

That's "Zen" to me.
pure emptiness?