Ayoub™ (ayoub) wrote in new_wisdom,

Enlightenment in seven days

Buddha told his disciples: "Whoever makes an effort can attain enlightenment in seven days. If he can’t manage it, certainly he will attain it in seven months, or in seven years."
A young man, upon hearing this, decided that he would attain it in one week, and he wanted to know what he should do: "Concentration" was the reply.
The young man began to practice, but in ten minutes he was already distracted. Little by little, he began paying attention to everything that distracted him, and thought that he was not wasting time, but was getting used to himself.

One fine day he decided it was not necessary to arrive at his goal so fast, because the path was teaching him many things.

It was at that moment that he became an Enlightened one.
Tags: buddhism
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:) I like this. :)